IRS Wednesday Golf League Newsletter

Week 21, September 9, 2022

Well Folks, this will be the final Newsletter of the 2022 Season and it will contain information about our end of season Outing at AJ Jolly Golf Course.

This year we had 60 golfers (55 men and 5 women) participating and they were divided into seven flights (A thru G).

When the Newsletter is completed I will upload it to our website ( and then email the other 15 team captains as well as all regulars for whom I have email addresses.

I will attach to the email an excel file that will show (Sheet 1), by Flight,  the hole by hole scores for each of the 60 players.  

Flight Winners with Gross & Net Scores:

A  Kevin Bachmann  69 – 0 handicap = 69
B  Jeff Witt                 85 – 10 handicap = 75
C  Brian Anderson     90 – 15 handicap = 75
D  Frank Leirey          85 – 17 handicap = 68
E  Matt Donlin            87 – 20 handicap = 67
F  Rick Floyd              98 – 30 handicap = 68
G  Melody Oswalt      86 – 27 handicap = 59

Each Flight winner received a $20 gift certificate at AJ Jolly Golf Course.

We had a $5 Skins game for those players interested in participating.  There were 3 separate Skins pots.  White tee players.  Red tee players.  Yellow tee players.

27 White tee players participated and there were 5 Skins out as follows:

# 1  Jeff Elsbernd (Birdie 3)
# 3  Don Buescher (Birdie 3)
#10  Kevin Bachmann (Birdie 3)
#11  Kevin Bachmann (Birdie 4)
#17  Ben Schalck (Birdie 3)

Each Skin was worth $25

8 Red tee players participated and there were 5 Skins out as follows:

# 2  Jay Ackerman (Par 4)
# 4  Tom Schumacher (Par 4)
# 9  Jay Ackerman (Par 5)
#12  Jim Bramlage (Birdie 3)
#16  Jay Ackerman (Birdie 3)

Each Skin was worth $8

3 Yellow tee players (women) participated and there were 13 Skins out as follows:

Mary Jo Leirey had 6 Skins on Hole #s 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 and received $6
Melody Oswalt had 3 Skins on Hole #s 13, 14 & 16 and received $5
Lori Johnson had 2 Skins on Hole #s 12 & 18 and received $4

The excel file I mentioned previously will also show (Sheet 2), by tee category, the names of all the Skins players and their hole by hole scores.  Skins are highlighted in “Gold”.  Holes that were tied (2 tie all tie) are highlighted in “Yellow”.

We had a “Greenies” game (Closest to the Pin on tee shot) on the 3 Par 3 holes (#s 6, 8 and 15).  $1 entry fee for each hole.  38 players got in making the pot = $114.

No player hit the green on #6.  Jim Bramlage was the closest on #8.  Bill Anderson was the closest on #15.  Because no one won #6 the $114 was split between Bramlage and Anderson so each received $57.

We had a longest put on Hole #s 9 and 18 (1st putt only) for $1 each.  38 players got in making each long putt worth $38.  Chris Kerns made the longest putt on #9 and Jay Broadus made the$20 gift certificate at AJ Jolly Golf Course. longest putt on #18.

We had “the longest drive” for the players using the Yellow, Red and White tees.  Every player (no cost to them) was eligible to win the prizes.  Hole #2 was the long drive hole for the Yellow (women) tee players.  Mary Jo Leirey was the winner.  Hole #9 was the long drive hole for the Red tee players.  Jay Ackerman was the winner.  And Hole #11 was the long drive hole for the White tee players.  Kevin Bachmann was the winner.  Each winner received a dozen Maxfli golf balls.

We had a “Circle” on Hole # 10 fairway approximately 150 yards from the green.  Players were told that, if their tee shot ended up in the Circle, they should let the Pro Shop know when they completed their round.  Four players did have their tee shot end up in the Circle and one of their names was drawn to determine the winner of a $20 gift certificate at AJ Jolly Golf Course.  Two of the 4 players were Erich Kientz and Jim Grassinger.  We are not certain who the other 2 players are and we ask them to let me (Tom Schumacher Cell phone 859-512-1733) know so I can include their names here.  Jim Grassinger’s name was drawn and he received the certificate.

After everyone completed their play most of the 60 golfers assembled on the course veranda to relax, have a few drinks and sandwiches, and share some course memories of their play.  During this time we conducted a meeting to select the League Officers for next year’s season.  Lee Crouch, our current President, was nominated to serve again and, with no other nominations, he will return as our President in 2023.  Charles Reckers, our current Financial Officer, was nominated to serve again and, with no other nominations, he will return as our Financial Officer in 2023.  Tom Schumacher, our current Secretary, was nominated to serve again, and Charles Halpin, our former Secretary, was also nominated.  We then took a vote from the team captains and neither nominee received enough votes to serve in this position.  Please note that there were some team captains missing.  We then decided that we would wait until next year’s team captains meeting (held in mid-March) and ask for a vote again.

That ended things for the day.  Many of the players stayed around for a while before heading home.  We had a very good weather day for playing golf and, as best as I could tell, everyone had an enjoyable time.

Thanx!!! to everyone that came out and played.  We will do it again next year.

God Bless!!!






Notes are courtesy of:

League Secretary