IRS Wednesday Golf League Newsletter

Week 17 – August 15, 2018


Delay start this week as storms hit the course.  Play was slow, but we managed to get all rounds in.


Congratulations to Tom Mullett on getting an Eagle on #18 from the white tees.      

Subs this week were:  Kelly Johnson (Team Bramlage), Steve Lipps (Team Bramlage), Don Bazsika (Team Slye), new sub Jose Abirached (Team Schumacher), Carol Goldstone (Team Pfeiffer), Jeff Barnhorst (Team Breen), and Jim Conrady (Team Breen).  Thanks for being there.

Position Round 3 August 22 (Tee Times):


Front Nine    

3:39 & 3:48     Division D 3rd place plays Division D 4th place (Team Buescher vs. Team Freeman).

3:57 & 4:06     Division D 1st place plays Division D 2nd place (Team Breen vs. Team Patmann).

4:15 & 4:24     Division C 3rd place plays Division C 4th place (Team Schumacher vs. Team Pfeiffer).

4:33 & 4:42     Division C 1st place plays Division C 2nd place (Team Flynn vs. Team Halpin).


Back Nine     

3:39 & 3:48     Division B 3rd place plays Division B 4th place (Team Kiffmeyer vs Team Harms).

3:57 & 4:06     Division B 1st place plays Division B 2nd place (Team Vaughn vs. Team Slye).

4:15 & 4:24     Division A 3rd place plays Division A 4th place (Team Kientz vs. Team Leirey).

4:33 & 4:42     Division A 1st place plays Division A 2nd place (Team Anderson vs. Team Bramlage).

League Scramble (Scheduled for August 29):

The League Scramble is scheduled for August 29th.  Teams will play together, and teams will be handicapped using tournament handicapping for scrambles.  Players will tee off and select best drive, then each player will finish their own ball.  At least one drive must be used by each player.  Two lowest scores will be posted.  Team captains please let the secretary know your preference on early or late tee times and if you will be having any subs.  Tee times will begin on the front nine at 2:45 and run through 4:42.

League Wild Card Play-offs:

The Wild Card Play-Offs are scheduled for August 24.  Tee times need to be set up by the teams immediately after the position round on August 22.  (Seed 3 vs Seed 6 and Seed 4 vs Seed 5).


The Semi-Finals/Finals are scheduled for August 29.  Semi-Final Tee times are set for the front nine at 12:03, 12:12, 12:21, 12:30.  Finals are set for the back nine at 2:54 and 3:03.

League Outing info: 

League Outing is scheduled for Friday, September 7, 2018, at A.J. Jolly Golf Course. 

Shotgun start at 10 a.m.  (play your own ball).  Registration opens at 8:45 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. 

Cost this year changed as dues was reduced, making cost same for Regulars, Subs, and Guest.  There was also an increase due to taxes being instituted in Kentucky. 

Caterer will be the same (menu: Steak, Chicken Breast, Salad, Sides, and Dessert) cost $17. 

Golf fee includes golf, cart, beverages, lunch, and door prizes.

·                Regulars – Golf and Dinner:  $85.00; Golf only: $68.00

·        Subs/Guest – Golf and Dinner: $85.00; Golf only: $68.00

·        Skins - $5.00, Greenies - $3.00, Long Putts - $2.00

Treasurer Chuck Reckers will start taking outing payments (checks will not be cashed until September 8).  Pouches will be in the briefcase. 

Get the word out to your subs/guest/etc. that Team Anderson will be taking sign-ups.  Send email to Charlie Halpin ( or phone/text (859-512-1822). 

We have a sign-up sheet in the briefcase to get a count on golfers and dinners.

Division Standings: 

Division A:  Some more big changes here as Team Anderson takes the lead and #4 Seed back.  Team Bramlage falls to 2nd and is only 19.5 points out.  Team Kientz holds onto 3rd and is still 29.5 points out of 1st.  Team Leirey in 4th can only hope to spoil any chances for Team Kientz.  Next week’s matches between Team Anderson vs Team Bramlage will decide who goes to the play-offs.  However, if Team Kientz can score more than 75 points vs Team Leirey and Team Anderson and Team Bramlage split then Team Kientz could make the play-offs.


Division B:  Biggest change was here as Team Vaughn (forked in week 10) takes the lead and #3 Seed.  Team Slye falls to 2nd and out of seeding, but only 18 points out of the lead.  Team Kiffmeyer brings in 3rd and no chance for seeding along with Team Harms in 4th.  Next week’s match between Team Vaughn vs Team Slye should be the match to watch as this will decide the division winner and a possible wild card position.


Division C:  Team Flynn with another loss still holds the top position and #1 Seed.  Team Halpin remained in 2nd place and the #6 Seed and closed in on Team Flynn (only 28.5 points out).  Team Schumacher with a win remained in 3rd, 58 points out of 1st and 29.5 points out of seeding.  Team Pfeiffer comes in 4th and can only hope to spoil any chances for Team Schumacher.  Next week’s match between Team Flynn vs Team Halpin should be another match to watch as Team Halpin needs a big win to hold a seed position or take 1st.


Division D:  Team Breen still holds the lead and #2 Seed.  Team Patmann with another big win holds 2nd, the #5 Seed, and is only 12 points out of 1st.  Team Buescher moved up to 3rd and a half point over Team Freeman.   Next week’s match between Team Breen vs Team Patmann will decide the division winner and possible wild card seeding.  The match between Team Buescher vs Team Freeman, if either one gets a massive win, could put them in a seeded position.


Current Seeding:

#1 – Team Flynn

#2 – Team Breen

#3 – Team Vaughn

#4 – Team Anderson

#5 – Team Patmann

#6 – Team Halpin


Secretary Predictions:

A Division: Secretary predicts Team Bramlage barely winning over Team Anderson.  Team Kientz gets a massive win over Team Leirey.  Team Kientz wins the Division and Team Anderson, Team Bramlage, and Team Leirey play in the Scramble.

B Division:  Secretary predicts Team Slye win big over Team Vaughn and takes back 1st place.  Team Vaughn, Team Kiffmeyer, and Team Harms play in the Scramble.

C Division:  Secretary predicts Team Halpin taking a big win over Team Flynn and moves into 1st, Team Flynn moves to second and a wild card spot.  Team Schumacher and Team Pfeiffer split and play in the Scramble.

D Division:  Secretary predicts Team Breen bringing in a big win to keep their position as Team Patmann falls to 3rd as Team Freeman gets a massive win over Team Buescher and Team Freeman makes a wild card spot.  Team Patmann and Team Buescher play in the Scramble.


Status of the Almighty Fork:


Team Kiffmeyer has earned their place on the Forked list.  The Fork has now been put away.


Week 17 Forked ψ:  Team Kiffmeyer

Week 16 Forked ψ:  Team Buescher

Week 15 Forked ψ:  Team Schumacher.

Week 12 Forked ψ:  Team Leirey, Team Pfeiffer, Team Patmann.

Week 10 Forked ψ:  Team Harms, Team Vaughn.


Sandbaggers of the Weak: (5.0 greater or less):


Most Under Average:


Dale Goodwin shoots a 43 (7.6 under average).

Cecil Begley shoots a 37 (6.9 under average).

Ken Thoerner shoots a 44 (6.5 under average).

Tom Marsh shoots a 41 (6.2 under average) (2nd week in a row).

Mike Sullivan shoots a 48 (5.6 under average).

Tom Mullett shoots a 45 (5.3 under average).


Most Over Average:


Chuck Reckers shoots a 51 (6.1 over average).

Don Bazsika shoots a 60 (5.5 over average).


Heard in the Clubhouse:


All the players on Team Vaughn shooting in the 30’s (Steve Duddey – 36, Ray Vaughn – 37, Steve Ruehl – 39, and Eddie Gregory – 39).  Wow! 


Seems Mr. Charlie Patmann had some help on hole #18.  His second shot is on the hill, he duffs shots 3 & 4.  Chips on the green, the ball hits the long putt marker and deflects into the hole and Charlie wins by a stroke.  What was even more amazing on this was the long putt marker was placed by Mr. Bill Zachritz on the group in front.  Team Captain Charlie Patmann thanks teammate Mr. Bill Zachritz for putting the long putt stake in the right spot.


And something I received from Mr. Clyde Barnes:


Two old men had been friends most of their lives. When it was clear that Frank was dying, Leonard visited him every day. 

One day Leonard said, "Frank, we both loved playing golf all our lives, and we started playing in high school.  Please do me one favor: when you get to heaven, somehow you must let me know if there's golf there.”
Frank looked up at Leonard from his deathbed and said, "Leonard, you've been my best friend for many years. If it's at all possible, I'll do this favor for you.”
Shortly after that, Frank died.
A few weeks later, Leonard was awakened from a sound sleep by a blinding flash of white light and a voice calling out to him, "Leonard!”
"Who is it?" asked Leonard, sitting up suddenly. "Who is it?”
"Leonard -- it's me, Frank.”
"You're not Frank. Frank just died.”
"I'm telling you, it's me, Frank," insisted the voice.
"Frank! Where are you?"
"In heaven," replied Frank. "I have some really good news and a little bad news.” 

"Tell me the good news first," said Leonard. 

"The good news," Frank said with joy and enthusiasm, "is that there is golf in heaven. Better yet, all of our old buddies who died before me are here too.  Even better than that, we're all young again.  Better still, it's always Summertime and it never rains.  And best of all, we can play golf all we want, and we never get tired. And we get to play with all the greats of the past."
"That's fantastic," said Leonard. "It's beyond my wildest dreams!  So what's the bad news?" 

"You're in my foursome this Saturday."


Summary of Rounds Played – August 15, 2018













Match Results






















































 Kevin Bachmann



 Tom Schumacher


Other good rounds:  

Front nine:  Steve Duddey – 36, Cecil Begley – 37, Jim Westcott – 37, Ray Vaughn – 37,

Brian Anderson – 39, Tim Andrew – 39, Eddie Gregory – 39, Steve Ruehl – 39.


Eagle/Hole in One


 Tom Mullett


 Not in Skins

Eagle/Hole in One Pool

$1 was added to the Eagle pool this week.  The pool now has $9.00 in it.   



 Jim Westcott

Skin -- $9.00


 Mark Halpin & Ray Vaughn

Both in Skins


 Kevin Bachmann

Skin -- $9.00


 Steve Duddey

Not in Skins


 Kevin Bachmann

Skin -- $9.00


 Ray Vaughn

Skin -- $9.00


 Tim Andrew

Skin -- $9.00


 Mike Sullivan

Not in Skins


 Kevin Bachmann

Skin -- $9.00


 Tom Schumacher

Skin -- $9.00


 Jose Abirached

Not in Skins


 Eric Fredrickson & Bill Zachritz

Both in Skins

Note: To all Team Captains or those regulars that complete the "Point Sheet" after the match is completed, please ensure that all birdies are recorded on the "Point Sheet".

Other Skins


 Wayne Witt

Skin -- $9.00



 Bill Zachritz

Skin -- $9.00




 Eddie Gregory



 Mark Halpin



 Farlon Smith


Closest to Pin 2nd Shot


 Tom Schumacher


Long Putt


 Frank Leirey



 Bill Zachritz


Money Leaders -- Top 10 & Ties

Halpin, Mark

 $    232.00

Zachritz, Bill (f)

 $    230.50

Schumacher, Tom (f)

 $    215.00

Bachmann, Kevin

 $    191.50

Marley, Boyd

 $    131.00

Anderson, Brian (f)

 $    128.00

Ruehl, Steve

 $    105.00

Fredrickson, Eric (f)

 $      91.00

Kerns, Chris

 $      84.00

Breen, Mike

 $      80.00

Skins—Greenies—Long Putt

Most of the regulars and subs in the league know about Skins, Greenies, and Long Putt. For those that do not, each week there will be a sheet and a box on one of the tables in the clubhouse.  The sheet will have the names of all the regulars and blank lines at the bottom for subs to write in their names. $3.00 entry fee for Skins; $1.00 entry fee for Greenies and $1.00 entry fee for Long Putt.  Place a check mark or X for each category for which you are participating.  If the Briefcase is not out, notate on your scorecard your intent to play and pay when you complete your match.  First teams out please take the markers, last teams in please bring markers in.


Newsletter by:

League Secretary Charlie Halpin

Fine Print:  Seems someone who moved up to the forward tees is upset that people moved up to the forward tees and are winning all the games.  Nuff said.  Mr. Bill take care of that.  Secretary comment:  Folks on the white tees hold the most dollars.