IRS Golf League

2016 Captain’s Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

March 16, 2016

6 p.m.



                Tom Schumacher (President & Team Captain)

                Charles Halpin (Secretary & Team Captain)

                Chuck Reckers (Treasurer)

Bill Zachritz - Team Captain

                Charlie Patmann - Team Captain

Jim Grassinger – Filling in for Team Captain Dick Flynn

                Dick Warren – Filling in for Team Captain Ed Kiffmeyer

                Erich Kientz - Team Captain

Tim Feldman – Filling in for Team Captain Brian Anderson

                Jake Jobe-Rivera – Filling in for Team Captain Frank Leirey

                Jim Bramlage - Team Captain

Gene Pfeiffer – Team Captain

                Mike Donlin - Team Captain

                Pat Harms - Team Captain

John Freeman - Team Captain

                Pat Breen - Team Captain

                Absent:  Don Buescher


Number of Teams and Verification of the numbering of the Teams:

Charlie Halpin opened the meeting with the team numbering for this year.  Okay as listed.

                A Division is:  Team #1 Schumacher, Team #5 Flynn, Team #9 Leirey, Team #13 Donlin

                B Division is:  Team #2 Buescher, Team #6 Kiffmeyer, Team #10 Halpin, Team #14 Harms

                C Division is:  Team #3 Zachritz, Team #7 Kientz, Team #11 Bramlage, Team #15 Freeman

                D Division is:  Team #4 Patmann, Team #8 Anderson, Team #12 Pfeiffer, Team #16 Breen


Team changes: 

Team Bramlage (Joe Devereux moved out of town) added Jim Fish as a regular, Tom Marsh to full time, and Charlie Olliges moved to restricted sub.  Team Buescher (Jeff Witt moving out of town) will have a new replacement Greg Linfert.

No other team roster changes.

Jim Bramlage had a contact for a new sub:  Zach Morgan, phone 513-470-8652.  Secretary will add him to our list and get this out to all.  Also available to sub when needed is Mike Breen, phone 513-448-5619.


2015 Minutes and Financial Statements:

2015 minutes were presented by Charles Halpin.

2015 Financial Statement was presented by Chuck Reckers: 

Balance sheet was reviewed and the Leagues current funds in account increased from the previous year and are sufficient to cover 1st week.  Chuck passed out some credit amounts to the team captains for some players that had a credit coming from 2015.  Chuck presented a budget for the 2016 season and a discussion followed on the dues for regulars.


Dues for Regulars:

Dues were lowered to $40 for the 2016 season to decrease the on hand cash.  It was motioned, seconded, and voted on unanimously to decrease the Dues to $40.

Green fees remain the same as last year ($16.50) and the semi-finals and scramble week remains a paid week (total of 19 weeks).  Cost per player will be $353.50 for the entire year (if not paying for the entire year then Chuck needs 1st week payment of $205 and 2nd payment by June 29th of $148.50).  


2016 Season Schedule:

The tentative 2016 schedule was presented by Charles Halpin.  Start date will be April 27th.


End-of-Year Outing (September 9th – already reserved at AJ Jolly)

Team Anderson again will be organizing and setting up the Outing.  It was mentioned that Team Anderson did a good job and the caterer was fantastic at last years Outing.  Erich Kientz and team volunteered to help with the Outing events (corn hole & ladderball).



Rules - Tom Schumacher, Charles Halpin, and Chuck Reckers.

Year End Scramble – Jim Westcott, Jim Bramlage, and John Freeman

Outing Food & Beverage – Brian Anderson & Team

Outing Program – Brian Anderson & Team

Outing Events – Brian Anderson and Erich Kientz

Herm Lorenz Award - Tom Schumacher, Charles Halpin, Chuck Reckers, Mike Finn (last winner).

Jerry Joesting Award - Tom Schumacher, Charles Halpin, Chuck Reckers.


Tim Feldman had two rule change request to present:

Rule change to Article XIII Completed Matches:  To align our rules to match the golf course rules on completed matches.  Our rules stated 6 holes while the course list it as 5 holes.  Discussion followed and the difference does not necessarily apply however it was agreed to change our rules to show that during inclement weather that 5 holes by all teams will constitute a completed match.  This was seconded and unanimously approved.  Rules will be updated to reflect this change.


Rule change to Article VII Tee-Off Markers: 

Again this year there was much discussion on this rule with several different motions.

Tim presented a change to calculating a starting average on moving forward or back and after some discussion it was seconded and approved as Tim had presented it to use 3 low or high scores on calculating average on moving either forward or back.  Rules will be updated to reflect this change.  


Tom Schumacher requested to add an exception to the Tee-Off Markers rule for special situations where a player that is not over a 50 average would be able to move to the forward tees.  After much discussion it was seconded and approved that in special circumstances that the Team Captain of the player can request an approval from the Team Captains that an individual may move to the forward tees.

Team Donlin requested to use this exception rule and put it to the Team Captains for a vote.  There were only 2 votes for and unanimous nay for moving his team forward.


There was some discussion on Article XIX and it will remain as written.  Subs with 3 games are eligible for play-offs/Championship whether average or not.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,


Charles Halpin

League Secretary