IRS Golf League

2015 Captain’s Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

March 18, 2015

6 p.m.



                Tom Schumacher (President & Team Captain)

                Charles Halpin (Secretary & Team Captain)

                Chuck Reckers (Treasurer)

                Brian Anderson (Team Captain)

                Ed Kiffmeyer- Team Captain

                Erich Kientz - Team Captain

                Dale Schaber – Filling in for Team Captain Gene Pfeiffer

                Bill Zachritz - Team Captain

                John Freeman - Team Captain

                Jake Jobe-Rivera – Filling in for Team Captain Frank Leirey

                Pat Harms - Team Captain

                Dick Flynn - Team Captain

                Mike Donlin - Team Captain

                Jim Bramlage - Team Captain

                Pat Breen - Team Captain

                Absent:  Charlie Patmann



Number of Teams and Verification of the numbering of the Teams:

Tom Schumacher opened the meeting with the team numbering for this year.   Okay as listed.

                A Division is:  Team #1 Anderson, Team #5 Zachritz, *Team #9 Bunkelman, Team #13 Kiffmeyer

                B Division is:  Team #2 Donlin, Team #6 Bramlage, Team #10 Pfeiffer, Team #14 Freeman

                C Division is:  Team #3 Leirey, Team #7 Harms, Team #11 Schumacher, Team #15 Patmann

                D Division is:  Team #4 Halpin, Team #8 Flynn, Team #12 Kientz, Team #16 Breen

*Team Bunkelman is dropping out of league. 


Finding replacement team for Team Bunkelman:

Discussion was held on trying to fill the spot and options if not filled. Proposal was made that if the team is not filled that opposing team for that week would shoot against a blind team and get points decided by teams on the same side, points going into a hat, and team would draw for what their point total would be.  This was seconded and unanimously voted in.

Tom Schumacher will check with the course to see if we don’t have to pay for missing team.


Team changes: 

Team Donlin added Eddie Gregory as a regular and moved Matt Donlin and Steve Ruehl to subs.  Team Flynn added Garry Melish as a regular and moved Terry Buelow to Sub.  Team Kiffmeyer added Dave Gindele as a regular and moved Larry Oliver to a sub.

No other team roster changes at this time.


2014 Minutes and Financial Statements:

2014 minutes were presented by Charles Halpin.

2014 Financial Statement was presented by Chuck Reckers: 

Balance sheet was reviewed and the Leagues current funds in account are sufficient to cover 1st week.   Chuck presented a budget for the 2015 season and a discussion followed on increasing the dues for regulars. Dues were lowered in 2014 to decrease the on hand cash.  It was motioned, seconded, and voted on unanimously to increase the Dues to $50 for regulars for the 2015 season.


2015 Season Schedule:

The tentative 2015 schedule was presented by Charles Halpin.  Start date will be April 29th. 


Year End Scramble: 

Discussion followed whether or not to make the Scramble night a mandatory pay week and keep it on the same night as the Semi-Finals/Finals.  It was motioned, seconded on, and unanimously voted to keep it a pay week and Mike Donlin and Jim Westcott will come up with a format for the Scramble and be the Scramble Chairmen.

Dues for Regulars:

League dues is $50 and weekly tee fee is $313.50 ($16.50 x 19 weeks).  Total is $363.50 for whole season or $190.00 the 1st week and midyear (June 24) $173.50.  Chuck Reckers is willing to work with anyone who has an issue with payment.  Call him on his cell #513-368-1612.


End-of-Year Outing:

End of year outing chairman is Brian Anderson with Jim Bramlage as Food & Beverage Chairman.  Outing will be at A.J. Jolly golf course on September 11 with a shotgun start at 10 a.m.



Rules - Tom Schumacher, Charles Halpin, Chuck Reckers.

Year End Scramble – Mike Donlin and Jim Westcott

Outing Food & Beverage – Jim Bramlage and Brian Anderson

Outing Program – Brian Anderson

Outing Events – Brian Anderson

Herm Lorenz Award - Tom Schumacher, Charles Halpin, Chuck Reckers, Dave Spaeth (last winner).

Jerry Joesting Award - Tom Schumacher, Charles Halpin, Chuck Reckers.


Revisit the 2013 “Sand Trap” rule:

The sand traps were discussed and a motion was made to play out of the traps using winter rules, allowing for raking, or moving the ball out of standing water or foot prints.  This motion was seconded and a unanimous vote was taken. 


Revisit the Forward Tee Rule for players with a 50 average or over and handicapping: 

Again this year there was much discussion on this rule with several different motions. 

Motion 1 was this rule would only be for players over age 80.  This was seconded but was not approved.

Motion 2 was to delete the rule in its entirety.  This was seconded but was not approved.

Motion 3 was to start all in the league with new averages this year.  This was seconded but was not approved.

Motion 4 was to allow players to return to the white tees with an average.  This was seconded but was not approved. 

Rule will remain in effect as is for this year.


Using different handicap average front & back nine:

Mike Donlin presented this and after some discussion his motion to have separate handicaps for the front and back nine was seconded and unanimously voted in.  Secretary will redo the spreadsheets to reflect the new averages.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,


Charles Halpin

League Secretary