IRS Golf League

Zoom Conference 2020 Captain’s Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

June 4, 2020

7 p.m.




            Charles Halpin – Secretary & Team Captain

            Chuck Reckers – Treasurer & Zoom host

Kevin Bachmann - Team Captain

            Mike Breen – Team Captain

Brian Anderson – Team Captain

Pat Harms – Team Captain

Jim Bramlage – Team Captain

Frank Leirey – Team Captain

            Erich Kientz - Team Captain



Ray Vaughn – Team Captain

Ed Kiffmeyer – Team Captain

Gene Pfeiffer – Team Captain

Tom Schumacher - President & Team Captain

Dick Flynn – Team Captain

Don Buescher – Team Captain

Bill Zachritz - Team Captain



California Course Information:

California Course will be allowing our league to play every week.  Tee Times will change to start at 3:30 p.m. and be spaced 10 minutes apart.  Remember social distancing will be practiced at all times, drinks/food can be purchased at clubhouse (alcohol policy remains unchanged), make every effort to not congregate at the Clubhouse.


League Schedule:

The league schedule has been updated on the web to show the new tee times and we will play the dates according to the schedule.  The Newsletter tab for June 10 is posted with the starter sheet for the team tee times.

Scheduled tee times will be 3:30, 3:40, 3:50, 4:00, 4:10, 4:20, 4:30, & 4:40.  Please note that for vacant team 12 that following tee times will move up one tee time.


Forward Tee Issue:

There was an issue this past week with a sub playing from the forward tee that did not have prior approval.  Issue was because he played the forward tee last year and did not know of our rule change.  When getting a sub to play make sure they are aware of our rules that unless they have prior approval that they have to play the white tees.  Must have a justifiable reason to play the forward tee and get our Rules Committee to approve request.  Sub Average list has (fwt) next to players names that have approval to play forward tees.


Riding carts:

Treasurer Chuck Reckers needs to know any changes to who will need to ride that originally declared to walk front/back and particularly who will be walking front then riding back nine.  If a player wants to commit to ride the back or both sides, Chuck will update his records and collect the cart fees as part of the second installment in mid to late July.  Chuck needs this to let the course know how many carts to have available.  Also, if you say you are walking and decide at the course you want a cart it can’t happen since the course is not collecting cart fees.

Team Bachmann has Lori Johnson change to ride the back nine.


Greens Foam in Cup:

The course is still looking into fixing the foam in the cup situation.  Until it is remedied please use common courtesy that if the ball touches the foam and rolls out that it be counted as a putt made.


Dues/Green Fees:

Chuck reports that dues/fees from regulars is current.  Next payment will be mid to late July. 


Money games:

Still no Greenie/Long Putt/Skins games due to the social distancing and no handling of markers.



Charlie reports that some scorecards are confusing since players scores are not posted as A vs A, B vs B, etc.  We still need to text/email scorecards to Charlie (e-mail: (text: 859-512-1822).   Charlie will do the automated recap sheet at home.


End-of-Year Outing:

      Nothing yet firm on the Outing.  We did get the contract from AJ Jolly and there will probably be some changes to several course requirements.  More to come on this as we get further into the season.  It was mentioned that in many years past that we had players from Dayton & Columbus come down and play in the Outing.  It sure would be nice if anyone has contact with IRS offices around the area to try and recruit more players for the Outing.


Face Mask:

      Charlie Halpin’s wife has been making face mask.  She has made enough to give out to the league members.  Charlie will have these at the clubhouse on June 10th for those that wish to have one.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,


Charles Halpin

League Secretary