IRS Golf League

Zoom Conference 2020 Captain’s Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

May 13, 2020

7 p.m.



            Tom Schumacher - President & Team Captain

            Charles Halpin – Secretary & Team Captain

            Chuck Reckers – Treasurer & Zoom host

Dick Flynn – Team Captain

Kevin Bachmann - Team Captain

            Don Buescher – Team Captain

            Mike Breen – Team Captain

Brian Anderson – Team Captain

Pat Harms – Team Captain

Jim Bramlage – Team Captain

Frank Leirey – Team Captain

Bill Zachritz - Team Captain

           Erich Kientz - Team Captain



Ray Vaughn – Team Captain

Ed Kiffmeyer – Team Captain

Gene Pfeiffer – Team Captain

John Freeman – Team Captain (Team dropped out)


California Course Information:

Social distancing will be practiced at all times, drinks/food can be purchased at clubhouse (alcohol policy remains unchanged), make every effort to not congregate at the Clubhouse.  Only arrive at the course no earlier than 15-20 minutes prior to their scheduled tee time and be ready to tee off when their time arrives.

Course hopes that by June 3rd the situation with the Corona Virus will be better than it is now so be will be able to resume play every week.  


League Schedule:

Wednesday, May 20th -- this will be the opening day for the IRS Golf League.  We will have 8 tee times on both the Front and Back nine and the starting tee times for each nine will be 3:36 p.m., remaining tee times will be spaced 12 minutes apart.

Currently we will use the matches for the appropriate date on the Schedule.  Missed dates currently will be treated as rain-outs.

Scheduled tee times will be 3:36, 3:48, 4:00, 4:12, 4:24, 4:36, 4:48, & 5:00.

No play on May 27th.  June 3rd next play since on schedule as make-up date that will be the April 29th make-up.

We hope to have more information from the course on league play after June 3rd.


Match no shows due to virus:

California Golf Course h)as temporarily waivered tee fees for players that are no shows for the virus.  Treasurer Chuck Reckers would need to know who the no show is by Tuesday 6 p.m. since he needs to make one payment to the course.

It was decided to make a temporary waiver to the League Rules on no shows due to the virus.  Example:  If player B on Team 1 and player C on Team 2 are no show due to virus, then Team 1 Player C & D would move up to B & C, Team 2 player D would move up to C.  Both no shows would hold the D position and match points split 9 each.  The other 3 players would compete for Team Medal.

Team Freeman has dropped out due the virus and currently unable to fill that team.  Teams scheduled to play vs Team Freeman will play and when finished pull a Team number as their opponent for scoring. 


Riding carts:

Treasurer Chuck Reckers needs to know who will need to ride/walk front & back and particularly who will be walking front then riding back nine, since he will be making one payment to the course if you say you are riding and get to the course and decide to walk there is no refund for cart fee.  Also, if you say you are walking and decide at the course you want a cart it can’t happen since the course is not collecting cart fees.  Remember that on one person/bag in a cart, no ride sharing.


Collecting monies for dues/green fees:

Leagues is to make one payment per week to cover greens fees + cart fees.  Chuck will only collect for partial year at this time.  Dues/Fees due the 1st week are $166.00 if walking, $230.00 for riding.  Chuck will send out to the team captains on team members amount due for the 1st week.  Chuck does ask for monies be mailed to him at 5641 Glen Oak, Mason, OH 45040.  He will have his car parked near the clubhouse (grey Camry) with window partially open to drop envelopes into.


 Money games.

There will be no Greenie/Long Putt/Skins until threat of the virus is gone.  The Briefcase will not be out for collecting anything. 


Scorecard/Recap sheets:

Since the Briefcase will not be out Team Captains can get the players averages from the web or call Charlie Halpin.  When finished Scorecards need to take a clear photo and e-mail or text to Charlie (e-mail: (text: 859-512-1822).   Charlie will do the automated recap sheet at home.




Other Items:

End-of-Year Outing:

      Not for sure if can still have will know more later on the virus situation.


Year End Scramble:

Not for sure if maybe used for a regular week, will know more later on.


Next Zoom Captains Conference call will be Thursday, May 21st at 7 p.m.  Chuck will set up the call. 


Also wish to Thank Chucks daughter for her tech advice and use of her lap-top.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,


Charles Halpin

League Secretary