2021 IRS Golf League

Team Captains’ Meeting  (Zoom)

March 10, 2021

6 p.m.



               Tom Schumacher - President & Team Captain

               Charles Halpin – Secretary & Team Captain

               Chuck Reckers – Treasurer

              Brian Anderson – Team Captain

Kevin Bachmann - Team Captain

               Gene Pfeiffer – Team Captain

              Jim Bramlage – Team Captain

              Jay Ackerman – Filling in for Team Captain Ed Kiffmeyer

              Mike Breen – Team Captain

              Jim Grassinger – Filling in for Team Captain Dick Flynn

              Bill Zachritz - Team Captain

              Ray Vaughn – Team Captain

              Sue Sherrill – Co-Team Captain

              Erich Kientz – Team Captain

              Frank Leirey - Team Captain

              Don Buescher – Team Captain

              Tim Andrew – Filling in for Team Captain Pat Harms


Number of Teams for the 2021 Season & Verification of the numbering of the teams.

 Charlie Halpin opened the meeting with the team numbering for this year.  Okay as listed.

                A Division is:  Team #1 Anderson, Team #5 Pfeiffer, Team #9 Flynn, Team #13 Kientz

                B Division is:  Team #2 Schumacher, Team #6 Bramlage, Team #10 Zachritz, Team #14 Leirey

                C Division is:  Team #3 Bachmann, Team #7 Kiffmeyer, Team #11 Vaughn, Team #15 Buescher

                D Division is:  Team #4 Halpin, Team #8 Breen, Team #12 Sue&Sherrill, Team #16 Harms


Team changes (to include changes to team names).

Team Breen move Tom Bishop to open Sub list.

Team Sue&Sherrill add John Freeman to Restricted Sub and Jim Hill move to regular Sub.

Jeff Witt willing to play regular and Don Bazsika willing to sub.


2021 Season Schedule.

The 2021 schedule was presented by Charles Halpin.  League play begins April 28th.  Okay as listed.


2020 Minutes.

 It was decided to not read the 2019 Minutes.


2020 Financial Statements & 2021 Budget.

Treasurer Chuck Reckers presented the Financial Statement from 2020 and a budget for the 2021 season.  Chuck proposed that the funds are sufficient to keep the dues this year at $30.  It was motioned, seconded, and unanimously voted to keep the dues at $30.


Dues/Green Fees for Regulars (to include when payable) (Chuck Reckers).

 Green fees remain the same as last year at $17 (total of 19 weeks). ($17*19+$30 = $353).

 First week payment for entire year is $353 or 1st week payment of $200 and 2nd payment by June 30th of $153. 

 Cart fee $8 will be individually paid by each person at the course. 




                        Rules (Tom Schumacher, Charlie Halpin, Chuck Reckers).


                            Year End Scramble (Tom Schumacher & Jim Grassinger).


            Herm Lorenz Award (Tom Schumacher, Charlie Halpin, Chuck Reckers).


                        Jerry Joesting (MVP) Award  (Tom Schumacher, Charlie Halpin, Chuck Reckers).


End-of-year Outing (September 10th at AJ Jolly).

2021 Outing Committee - Team Anderson & Team Pfeiffer.

Outing Food/Beverage/Events – Team Anderson & Team Pfeiffer.


Resolving Ties for Play-Off Eligibility & Seeding (new Article XXIX).

 Chuck Reckers presented a new article for resolving ties for Play-Off Eligibility & Seeding.  After short discussion the motion was seconded and put to vote (15 yeas, 1 nay).  Article XXIX approved. 

See Attachment 1.


Bereavement Policy Article XXVII.

   Charlie Halpin presented a change to Article XXVII on Bereavement Policy to change the remembrance funding from $2 per team assessment to the League funding the remembrance with $50 from League funds.  Motion was seconded and put to vote (16 yeas).  Article XXVII change approved.


Hybrid Tee Box Proposal.

   Jim Bramlage presented a proposal on using hybrid tees.  After much discussion it was motioned to put it to vote, 4 yeas, 10 nays, 2 abstain.  Proposal failed.  Article VII remains unchanged.


Skins/Greenies/Long Putt Games.

After some discussion it was decided that Skins - $3, Greenies - $1, Long Putt $1 will be played this year.

This is cash only.


Updating player information.

Charlie Halpin mentioned that some player information may be out of date and needs to be updated by each person.  Request will be sent out to all regulars to request phone # (home/cell/text), e-mail address, complete home address, and birth year.


Meeting adjourned at  7:05 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,


Charles Halpin

League Secretary



Attachment 1


Article XXIX.  Resolving Ties for Playoff Eligibility and Playoff Seeding:


When 2 or more teams are tied in total points, the ties will be resolved in the following manner.


First Tiebreaker (Prior Point ):  The effected teams will compare points won from all “head to head”

matches.  These matches will include the regular season match and any applicable position nights.


Example 1.  2 Teams Tie (Team 1 & Team 5)


Team 1

Team 5

Regular Season Match

30 points

60 points

Position Night 1



Position Night 2

55 Points

35 points

Position Night 3




85 points

95 points

Team 5 wins tiebreaker


Example 2     3 Teams Tie


Team 1


Team 5


Team 3

1 vs 5

40 pts

5 vs 1

50 pts

3 vs 5

55 pts

1 vs 3

20 pts

5 vs 3

35 pts

3 vs 1

70 pts

Position Night 3

40 pts


50 pts




60 pts


85 pts


125 pts

Team 3 wins tiebreaker.  Since team 3 only has one match against teams #1 & #5, the

position night 3 totals (#1 vs #5) would not be considered for tie breaker totals.


Second Tiebreaker (Sudden Death): If the tie situation remains or the historic match(s) were rained out,

a sudden death handicapped match (match points only) will be immediately played on hole #1 by all

players on the tied teams.  If the tie remains, the match will proceed to hole #2, until a team takes the lead

after all players have completed the hole.  Once a team takes a lead, the sudden death match is complete.