2024 IRS Golf League

Team Captains’ Meeting Agenda

Donatos – 15 Donnermeyer Dr. Bellevue, KY

March 6, 2024

6 p.m.



            Team #1   Flynn (A)                                         Team #9    Bachmann (A)

            Team #2   Buescher (B)                                   Team #10  Broadus (B)

            Team #3   Harms (C) – vote via text                Team #11  Kiffmeyer (C)

            Team #4   Bramlage (D)                                  Team #12  Ellsworth (D)

            Team #5   Vaughn (A)                                     Team #13  Crouch (A)

            Team #6   Brian Anderson (B)                         Team #14  Halpin (B)

            Team #7   Kientz (C)                                        Team #15  Bill Anderson (C)

            Team #8   Zachritz (D)                                    Team #16  Scott (D)




·        Number of Teams for the 2024 Season & Verification of the numbering of the teams.


·        Team changes (to include changes to team names).

(Players out this year – Jack Snowden (health), ________________________________)

(Team Snowden change name to Team Ellsworth)

(Team Brian Anderson: Mark Halpin (work schedule) to open sub, Chris Kerns as regular, Brian Anderson to restricted sub, Brian Kelly as regular)

(Team Halpin – Jimmy Smith to restricted sub and Denny Solomon to regular.)

(New regulars:  Team 12 - Cindy Ellsworth (captain), Asbury Turner)

        Team 16 – Dan Scott, Tara Boucher, Mike Bell, Randy Donohue)

Tina Bayne - regular/sub?


·        2024 Season Schedule (League play begins Wednesday, April 24).


·        End-of-year Outing (September 6th at AJ Jolly).


·        2023 Minutes (Charlie Halpin)


·        Financial Statements (Chuck Reckers).


·        Dues/Green Fees for Regulars (to include when payable) (Chuck Reckers).


·        Course Alcohol Policy (Lee Crouch)


·        Last Year Season What Worked, What Didn’t (Money Games, Scramble, Outing, Etc.) (Charlie Halpin)


·        Committees:


                        Rules (Lee Crouch, Chuck Reckers, Charlie Halpin)


                                Year End Scramble (_________________ & ____________________ )


                        Outing Committee _____________________


                        Herm Lorenz Award (Lee Crouch, Chuck Reckers, Charlie Halpin, last years recipient)


                        Jerry Joesting (MVP) Award  (Lee Crouch, Chuck Reckers, Charlie Halpin)



·       Meeting Adjourn.