2022 IRS Golf League

Team Captains’ Meeting Agenda

March 9, 2022

6 p.m.



               Tom Schumacher - President & Team Captain

               Charles Halpin – Secretary & Team Captain

               Chuck Reckers – Treasurer & filling in for Team Captain Eric Kientz

              Brian Anderson – Team Captain

Lori Johnson – Filling in for Team Captain Kevin Bachmann

               Jay Broadus – Team Captain

              Jim Fish – Filling in for Team Captain Jim Bramlage

              Ed Kiffmeyer – Team Captain

              Lee Crouch – Team Captain

              Jim Grassinger – Filling in for Team Captain Dick Flynn

              Ray Vaughn – Team Captain

              Jim Hill – Team Captain

              Jake Job-Rivera – Filling in for Team Captain Frank Leirey

              Tim Andrew – Filling in for Team Captain Pat Harms

Absent:  Bill Zachritz - Team Captain & Don Buescher – Team Captain


Number of Teams for the 2022 Season & Verification of the numbering of the teams.

 Meeting was opened with the team numbering for this year.  Several changes to tentative schedule.

                A Division is:  Team #1 Kientz, Team #5 Vaughn, Team #9 Bramlage, Team #13 Halpin

                B Division is:  Team #2 Bachmann, Team #6 Flynn, Team #10 Anderson, Team #14 Crouch

                C Division is:  Team #3 Harms, Team #7 Leirey, Team #11 Buescher, Team #15 Hill

                D Division is:  Team #4 Zachritz, Team #8 Schumacher, Team #12 Kiffmeyer, Team #16 Broadus


Team changes (to include changes to team names).

Team Pfeiffer is now Team Broadus (Gene Pfeiffer no longer play) (Picked up Dave Engleman)

Team Breen is now Team Crouch (Lee Crouch team captain and drop Tom Nonno and add Ben Schlack)

Team Schumacher (replace Eric Fredrickson with ? Jeff Barnhorst)

            Team Leirey (replace Chris Bunge with Tom Nonno)


2022 Season Schedule.

The 2022 schedule was presented.  League play begins April 27th.  


End-of-year Outing (September 9th at AJ Jolly).


2021 Minutes & Financial Statements & 2022 Budget.

Treasurer Chuck Reckers presented the Financial Statement from 2021 and a budget for the 2022 season.  Green Fees increased so Chuck proposed a $.50 increase to dues for this year at $30.50.  

It was motioned, seconded, and unanimously voted for dues to be $30.50.


Dues/Green Fees for Regulars (to include when payable) (Chuck Reckers).

 Green fees (increase of $.50 from last year) at $17.50 (total of 19 weeks). ($17.50*19+$30.50 = $363).

 First week payment for entire year is $363 or 1st week payment of $200 and 2nd payment by June 30th of $163. 

 Cart fee $8 will be individually paid by each person at the course. 


Nomination & Election of League Secretary:

Tom Schumacher volunteered to be League Secretary to replace Charlie Halpin.  No other nominations were received.  Motion was seconded and a unanimous vote for Tom Schumacher to be secretary.

With the separation of power a new League President was elected. Bill Zachritz was nominated, seconded, and unanimously elected as League President.




                        Rules Committee:  (Bill Zachritz, Tom Schumacher, Chuck Reckers).


                            Year End Scramble:  (Tom Schumacher & Bill Zachritz).


                        Outing Committee:   (Tom Schumacher, Jim Bramlage, Jim Hill)


            Herm Lorenz Award (Bill Zachritz, Tom Schumacher, Chuck Reckers).


                        Jerry Joesting (MVP) Award  (Bill Zachritz, Tom Schumacher, Chuck Reckers).


Proposal to the Skins/Greenies/Long Putt Games

Proposal to have all players in the games was started and immediately dropped from consideration.

Tom Schumacher proposed that games remain voluntary and then decided to split the Skins games as separate pot for White Tees and a separate pot for the Forward Tees.


Meeting adjourned. 


Respectfully Submitted,


Charles Halpin

Outgoing League Secretary