2023 IRS Golf League

Team Captains’ Meeting Agenda

March 8, 2023     6 p.m.


        Bill Zachritz -Team Captain

        Charles Halpin – Team Captain & Secretary

        Kevin Bachmann – Team Captain

        Brian Anderson – Team Captain

        Lee Crouch – Team Captain & President

        Don Buescher – Team Captain

        Jim Fish – Filling in for Team Captain Jim Bramlage

        Ray Vaughn – Team Captain

        Eric Kientz – Team Captain

        Jim Grassinger – Filling in for Team Captain Dick Flynn

        Ed Kiffmeyer – Team Captain

        Tom Schumacher – Team Captain

        Jay Broadus – Team Captain

        Tim Andrew – Filling in for Team Captain Pat Harms

        Bill Anderson – Team Captain

        Team #16 – TBD

        Chuck Reckers - Treasurer 


·        Number of Teams for the 2023 Season & Verification of the numbering of the teams.

Currently 15 teams working on filling Team 16. Numbering of teams okay as is on tentative Schedule.


·        Team changes (to include changes to team names).

Team Hill and Team Leirey drop out.

Team Buescher new player Dave Bestcher.

Team Zachritz drop Jack Snowden add Dave Matchen.

Team Schumacher - Don Bazsika drop out – Looking for replacement.

Team Anderson – Mark Halpin move to restricted sub – Team looking for replacement.

Team Flynn – Tom Nienaber drop out replaced by Don Ianelli.

New Team 14 – Bill Anderson new team (Bill Anderson, Vinny Castrigano, Brian Taylor, Marcus Meiner, Cindy Ellsworth (res).

Team 16 – Jack Snowden, Jerry Fierro, Tom Nonno, still looking for 4th.

Move to Sub List:  Melody Oswalt, Frank Leirey, Sherrill Swann, Sue Kerrick, Don Bazsika.

New subs:  Bob Norris, Chas Faris

Team Kientz picked up Mike Schwarberg as a restricted sub.


·        2023 Season Schedule (League play begins Wednesday, April 26).

Tentative Schedule okay as is.


·        End-of-year Outing (September 8th)

Jim Fish presented an option to move the Outing to Kenton County Golf Course.  There was much discussion on this as tee time for Kenton County would be morning on the Willows course which would be difficult for our older players or 1:30 p.m. on the Pioneer course.  Cost was equivalent to A.J. Jolly Golf Course.  No decision was made, Jim will put a proposal together to send to the Team Captains to have all their team member’s input.  This will need a 10-day response from the teams.


·        2022 Minutes and Financial Statements

Chuck Reckers presented the Financial Statements.  Year End Balance was down but still plenty of funding to start the year.  2022 beginning balance was $3067.47, total receipts was $24,555.60, total expenses were $25,191.64, and ending balance was $2,431.43.  2022 Outing had a loss of $105.78.


·        Dues/Green Fees for Regulars

Chuck Reckers presented the 2023 Budget.  Different dues amounts were discussed and it was decided to go with $35 for this years dues.  California Green Fee increased to $19 this year.  Individual cost for league – 19 weeks x $19 green fee + $35 dues = $396 which leaves the league ending balance close to beginning balance.

First week payment for entire year is $396 or 1st week payment of $200 and 2nd payment by June 28th of $196. 

Cart fee $8 will be individually paid by each person at the course. 


·        CRC Course & Cooler Policy

Lee Crouch discussed the CRC alcohol policy and reminded all about the alcohol policy in effect.


·        Tee Box determination

Kevin Bachmann presented his request to include Blue Tees as an option for play.  It was seconded and unanimous vote to add the Blue Tees to League Rule Article VII.  Any players moving to the Blue Tees would have to request before 1st play and would start a new average and stay at that tee box for the entire season.

New Red Tee Box for Seniors was discussed and finally decided to not change men at the forward tees and no other changes to League Rule Article VII.  This was seconded and unanimous vote with 1 abstain, see Article VII.

League Rule Article VII wording is:

Article VII.  Tee-Off Markers:  Women play from the Yellow Tee Markers.  Men play from the White Tee Markers.  If any Men wish to play the Blue Markers they may do so at their request before their 1st play of the year and if changing tee boxes would start with a new average.  For those players with a physical handicap, medical condition, playing ability, etc. that wish to play from the Yellow Tee Markers may request to move upon approval from the Rules Committee.  Again, this would have to be designated before 1st play with the exception for conditions that may arise during the season.

When a player chooses to move Tee-Off Markers their average will start as new using Article IV Computation of Average.     


·        Slow Play

Jim Grassinger discussed about slow play.  Reminder needs to go out to all players to play ready golf and speed up play.


·        Nomination & Election of League Secretary:

Charles Halpin volunteered to be League Secretary.  No other nominations were received.  Motion was seconded and a unanimous vote for Charles Halpin to be secretary.


·        Skins/Greenies/Long Putt:

All games will remain voluntary to enter with Skins pot as one pot no matter what tee box.  Ray Vaughn motioned for those wishing to play games to pay for the whole season.  This was voted unanimously to have regulars pay one 1st week for the whole season (or pay half the 1st week and remainder mid-season).  Weekly game cost:  Skins $3, Greenies $1, Long Putt $1.  For 18 regular golf weeks Skins cost would $54, for Greenies cost would be $18, Long Putt cost would be $18.  Players can choose which games they wish to play in (not have to play in all).  Whole season cost if play in Skins/Greenies/Long Putt cost is $90, if play in only Skins and Greenies cost is $72, if play in Skins and Long Putt only cost is $72, if play in Greenies and Long Putt only cost is $36.  Subs playing for those in the games will be eligible for the player they are subbing for, no weekly collection, and refunds will be given for rainouts.  Team Average sheet will be marked so players know who is in what games (s = Skins, g = greenies, p = Long Putt, sgp = all games).


·        Rain Outs

Lee Crouch discussed Rainout procedures.  He will work at better communication on weather delays and rainouts.  Lee as President has authority until 2:30 after that it is the Team Captains decision.  Team Captains need to be in the club house and requires a unanimous vote to call a rainout.  Players should not leave the course prior to a decision being made.  


·        Team Awards

Ray Vaughn presented Embroidered Polo shirts as a replacement for Plaques for the League Champions.  Cost is equivalent and Polo Shirts have a nice embroidery on them.  This was seconded and unanimously voted and approved to present Polo Shirts to the League Champions instead of Plaques.


·        Committees:


                        Rules:  Lee Crouch, Chuck Reckers, Charles Halpin


                                Year End Scramble:  Ray Vaughn & Charlie Halpin


                        Outing Committee:  Jim Bramlage, Lee Crouch & Chuck Reckers


                        Herm Lorenz Award:  Lee Crouch, Chuck Reckers, Charles Halpin, & last year’s recipient.


                                Jerry Joesting (MVP) Award:  Lee Crouch, Chuck Reckers, Charles Halpin


·       Meeting Adjourn – 8:15 p.m.


Recorded by: 

Charles Halpin

League Secretary